Testosterone improves memory in postmenopausal women – new research

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At the 2013 US Endocrine Society scientific meeting Professor Susan Davis from Australia presented research that showed the hormone testosterone improves memory and verbal learning is post menopausal women. The study of  92 postmenopausal women aged between 55-65 years were given testosterone or placebo and assessed for brain function. After 26 weeks of participation the women who were allocated to use testosterone showed significantly better verbal learning and memory than women who received placebo. This study provides additional compelling evidence for a significant beneficial effect of testosterone on memory in postmenopausal women. Reference : The Women’s Health Research Program Health Bulletin June 2013.

This finding adds to the growing body of evidence on the significant role the hormone testosterone has in not only verbal learning and memory, but also prevention of brain degeneration and accumulation of the protein beta amyloid which is the precursor to Alzheimer’s Disease. See my blog Alzheimer’s Disease – measure testosterone blood levels when healthy and young. 

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