Testosterone and Sex – Women: educational lecture (Part 2 of 3)

In late 2012 I was invited to speak at a medical conference in Malaysia on Testosterone and Sex together with internationally renown doctors Nick Delgado, USA and Malaysian O&G and Qi Gong Master Dr Amir Farid Usahak. There were over two hundred doctors in attendance.

Malaysia is a culturally mixed population with Malays, Indian, Chinese and numerous other races peacefully co-existing. There have been a number of published studies conducted in male and female Asian populations that have shown a reticence to discuss sexual issues in an open and frank matter. Knowing this I didn’t want to make any cultural faux pas in my presentation.

The audience embraced the role testosterone plays in sexual motivation and sexual function and it was pleasing to see the openness and confidence they had in addressing all aspects of sex with their patients. Time and again they confirmed that patients were very reserved about raising the issue of sexual problems, but when questioned in an open and reassured manner patients would be only too willing to tell their story. Many expressed great relief that a problem could be shared, in most case an answer provided or the problem addressed. For many who attended that day the information I provided about the role of testosterone in maintaining overall good health and sexual function will hopefully add to their options for managing their patients.

The women’s section  can be viewed below and also on YouTube.

Part 3 the Q&A section will be posted tomorrow. Part 1 for men can be viewed at http://hormonesolutions.com/blog/2013/11/testosterone-and-sex-men-educational-lecture-part-1-of-3/


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