Breast size, cancer and exercise: what is the link?

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exercise and breast size affect cancer rates


Exercise is good for your health – this is a well known fact.

Just how good it is, has been the subject of many studies including a recently released paper by Paul T. Williams on PLOS One late last year.

So what makes this study worth mentioning?

Williams also investigated the link between breast size and breast cancer risk.

His research concluded death from breast cancer decreased in females with smaller breast volume who also met the recommended amount of weekly exercise.

Previous studies have established physical activity reduces the risk of breast cancer by 25%.

Williams’s study found the risk of death from breast cancer was 41.5% lower for women who exercised greater than 7.5 Metabolic Equivalent of Task ( MET)- hours per week compared with women who did not.

The research also revealed mortality from breast cancer was 4 fold greater for women with a C- cup bra size and 4.7 fold great for women with a D or larger bra cup size, versus an A-cup size.

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