AndroFeme testosterone cream – change of use.

AndroFeme Product Information and CMI sheets have been updated effective 1 February 2014.

CMI androfeme

 This update reflects a change to the recommended sites of application and an updated section on how to use the dose applicator.

The recommended sites for application of AndroFeme® are now the outer thigh and lower torso.

 androfeme areas

The upper arm and forearm are no longer recommended application sites because of the potential for contamination of blood tests due to drawing blood from the same arm as a recent application of cream.

The CMI has been changed to provide more detailed use of the applicator syringe – patients have had difficulties with use of the syringe applicator.

“To measure the correct dose of cream, gently squeeze the base of the ANDROFEME® tube until cream reaches the open nozzle of the tube. Insert the tip of the applicator into the open nozzle of ANDROFEME® cream so that the nozzle and the shoulder of the applicator are in contact.  Invert the tube and the applicator so the cream will flow with gravity when squeezed. Carefully squeeze the base of the ANDROFEME® tube and at the same time slowly withdraw the plunger of the applicator. The cream will flow  into the barrel of the applicator. Do not try to squeeze the cream into the syringe. Fill to the required dose.

For example: a 0.5 mL dose of ANDROFEME® (50mg testosterone) needs the flat part of the plunger level with the 0.5 mL mark.

If there are any air bubbles in the measured dose fill slightly past the required dose mark then depress the plunger so that the excess cream flows back into the tube. Stop at the required dose mark. Remove the applicator from the nozzle of the tube and replace the cap firmly on the tube.”

An applicator demonstration video has also been added to the Lawley Pharmaceuticals website or you can watch it by clicking on the image below.



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