My Testosterone Cream Isn’t Working!


So, you think your AndroForte isn’t working? There are a number of factors which could possibly have an impact on the effectiveness of testosterone treatment and some important questions need to be addressed to fully understand the cause, these include,

What is your age?
What is your weight?
What were your symptoms prior to using AndroForte?
How long have you been using AndroForte?
What volume have you been using?
Are you using it scrotally?
Are you using it each day?
What was your follow up blood test testosterone level?
When did you apply the last dose before having the test done?
Do you feel better than prior to using testosterone?
Are you using any prescription medication?
Do you have any medical conditions?
Have you used any form of testosterone previously?
Is your use of testosterone being supervised by your doctor?
Has your doctor determined the reason for your low testosterone?
Were previous blood tests conducted at the same lab?

We have done clinical studies to prove that AndroForte 5 is well absorbed by the vast majority of men however some people absorb testosterone at different rates and there are a small percentage of men who are “non-absorbers”, our estimate is 1 in 50.  Generally this is not specific to testosterone and will occur for other transdermal steroid preparations and medicines in this group of men (gels, creams, sprays and patches).  In these cases testosterone can be administered by less desirable methods,  injections or oral tablet formulations.

We have found that some men absorb the cream less readily when the skin is hydrated – ie applying directly after showering or bathing. For reasons unknown in these men hydrated skin appears to be resistant to absorption. This is generally addressed by applying the cream at night before bed and showering in the morning. If an evening shower is required hold off applying for at least three hours.

A blood test will provide an accurate measure of the degree of absorption and this is why we recommend blood tests 30 days after starting treatment to confirm adequate dosing and absorption. Some blood test results can  be deceiving so ideally both the total and free testosterone levels should be measured. We have written blogs on blood testing of testosterone in the past and they can be read by clicking here.

For the majority of men there is a simple reason why Androforte isn’t working for them and often a small change can be made for a great improvement in treatment.


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