More Happy AndroFeme Customers!

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Here at Hormone Solutions we love to hear feedback from our customers. Here is a copy of an email we recently received from one more happy AndroFeme customer;

Dear Michael,

I saw your e mail address on the update and thought I would send you a quick note of thanks.

Without your womens testosterone product I would have lost my husband, my happy marriage and virtually my mind with the symptoms your product gives relief from.

I no longer visit conventional doctors as their advice is always hormone replacement and/or some other product touted by multi-national pharmaceutical companies. When I visited my long time doctor with very clear symptoms of what I now know is peri menopause, he just said I should deal with it or try HRT. I now do all my own research on my health and what options are available, which is how I found your products.

Thank you for providing a excellent product that I cannot praise highly enough!

Kind regards,

K.L. – USA

We are so pleased that we have been able to help this valued customer!

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  1. Liz says:

    I have been using the androfeme cream now for about eight weeks. I look and feel more muscular instead of flabby. I certainly don’t feel so physically and mentally tired. My memory has improved. At the age of 62 I’m holding down a very demanding job as a senior nurse in intensive care. I use 0.5 ml daily. I would like to correspond with other women using this product.

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