5 Tips To Boost Testosterone Naturally

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By the time women reach their 50’s they will produce about half the amount of testosterone that they did in their early 20’s, for men there may also be an age related decline in T production. This decrease in testosterone can result in weight gain, reduced muscle mass, reduced energy and loss of libido. While this natural fall in testosterone affects each person individually some will required intervention in the form of testosterone supplementation. Others may just need a little boost!

Here at Hormone Solutions we are often asked the question – How can I boost my testosterone levels naturally?

Here are our top 5 tips!

  1. Those of us who tend to be on the larger side generally have lower testosterone levels. Losing weight is a great natural way to increase testosterone levels. Also when we eat lots of sugars and other high GI foods there is an increases the amount of insulin we produce. High insulin levels can in turn decrease testosterone production.
  2. Exercise is not only great for losing weight but every time you exercise you get a little testosterone boost. Short bursts of high energy exercise are best for this as is weight and strength training. Also having sex increases T levels so use it or lose it!
  3. Data shows that low zinc levels are associated with lower testosterone levels. Some great natural source to include in your diet to increase zinc levels are oysters, lean meat, wheatgerm, spinach, pumpkin, nuts, mushrooms and dark chocolate (in moderation!).
  4. Get out in the sunshine, get vitamin D! Again there is strong data to link low vitamin D levels with lower testosterone levels. Vitamin D is also important for our cardiovascular health and in fact it can help to reduce blood pressure. Other than sunshine, natural sources of vitamin D include, oily fish, mushrooms, dairy foods, eggs and tofu.
  5. When we stress we produce cortisol, a hormone which can block testosterone from doing its job. Reducing stress and improving sleep quality can both have positive effect on boosting testosterone levels.

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