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Is Addyi the New Female Viagra?

There is no doubt that there is a need for a female version of ‘Viagra’ with one in 10 women in the US lacking sexual desire to an extent that it impacts their quality of life.  With this in mind… Continue reading »

5 Testosterone for Women Myths Busted

Myth 1 – Only Men Need Testosterone. Many women are surprised to learn than their bodies produce testosterone just like men.  The difference being that women make about 5 to 10%  of the quantity. This means that it does not… Continue reading »

Quality Menopause Information On YouTube

There is certainly mountains of information on the internet with regards to the signs and symptoms of menopause making it difficult to discern fact from fiction. Whilst each women will experience their own menopause journey it is important they are… Continue reading »

What Is In Your Cream?

Hormone Solutions recently received an email asking about the ingredients we use in ProFeme – our pure progesterone cream. What is in your cream is an important question to ask, this email looks at phenoxyethanol, a preserving agent, see the… Continue reading »

More Happy AndroFeme Customers!

Here at Hormone Solutions we love to hear feedback from our customers. Here is a copy of an email we recently received from one more happy AndroFeme customer; Dear Michael, I saw your e mail address on the update and Continue reading »

The Impact of Early Menopause

Early menopause can have a significant impact on female health. At the recent World Menopause Congress, Dr Rod Baber, a prominent Australian Ob/Gyn spoke on this topic – the impact of early menopause. Find his summary below: “Premature Ovarian… Continue reading »

Pesticide Exposure and Early Menopause

Fauzi Muh  presented an eye-opening study at the recent 14th World Menopause Congress in  May this year, in Mexico. Mr Muh presented a study concerning the association between pesticide exposure and the increasing incidence of early menopause in women farmers… Continue reading »

IMS endorses menopause management “toolkit” which includes testosterone therapy

  “A Practitioner’s Toolkit for Managing the Menopause”  was published online two days ago in Climacteric, the journal of the International Menopause Society (IMS) . The paper is available for free download. The toolkit was designed to fill a… Continue reading »

Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex: Ask the Expert

    Question:  My wife and I are interested in beginning natural hormone replacement therapy. I am 58 and she is 56. I’m easy: I have all the symptoms of late onset hypogonadism. However, my wife is in relatively… Continue reading »

How Much Testosterone Is Too Much?

Hormone Solutions and AndroFeme®   have been in the headlines lately. After the release of the study ‘Transdermal testosterone cream in healthy postmenopausal women‘ , the research has been picked up by multiple science and medical news sites. This… Continue reading »

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