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Estradiol and Males

Estradiol and males- what’s going on? Question: Hi, I read somewhere on the internet that men need  some amount of estradiol in their bodies. I was just wondering if this is true and if using  AndroForte® will estradiol still be … Continue reading »

The experience of breast cancer in older women

The Bupa Health Foundation Health and Wellbeing After Breast Cancer Study  has released interesting information concerning the the experience of breast cancer in older women. The Bupa study followed 1683 Victorian women newly diagnosed with breast cancer.  One issue investigated… Continue reading »

World Menopause Congress 2014- Cancun

  The 14th World Menopause Congress was held in Cancun Mexico from May 1 – 4, 2014. There were numerous sessions covering female sexual health in  the peri and postmenopausal woman. One symposium dealt exclusively with an Androgen Update.… Continue reading »

A Basic Guide To Female Testosterone

Female Testosterone   is an important topic to understand. In May, the International Menopause Society is holding their annual World Menopause Congress in Cancun, Mexico. Dr. Karen Miller will be speaking about female testosterone with  the topic ” androgen physiology in… Continue reading »

AndroFeme testosterone cream – change of use.

AndroFeme Product Information and CMI sheets have been updated effective 1 February 2014.  This update reflects a change to the recommended sites of application and an updated section on how to use the dose applicator. The recommended sites for application… Continue reading »

Unequivocal proof that progesterone cream is absorbed by the skin – critics silenced by science.

This month, after more than two decades of cynicism and derision by many in the mainstream medical community, the peer-reviewed medical journal of the North American Menopause Society, Menopause, has published a study that unequivocally shows  the hormone progesterone… Continue reading »

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