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Check Your Balls Feedback

Some of our regular readers will be aware of our campaign in Australia Check Your Balls to raise awareness for Klinefelter’s Syndrome.  We recently received the following feedback; “MY 25year old nephew was at a urinal at BNE (Brisbane airport)… Continue reading »

International Workshop on Klinefelter Syndrome

Some readers will be familiar with our campaign which aims  to increase the diagnosis rate and awareness of Klinefelter Syndrome.  It is estimated that there are 13,000 men in Australia alone who are undiagnosed, and for some of these… Continue reading »

Klinefelter’s Syndrome – Too Often Overlooked

The cover story of this months edition of Endocrinology Today (Feb 2015) features Klinefelter’s Syndrome. With around one in 450 males affected by KS and only 70% diagnosed, the aim of this article is to raise awareness within the… Continue reading »

Klinefelter’s Syndrome (KS)

In the modern world where ‘size matters’, men with small testes are understandably unwilling to discuss this with friends, partners and even their doctor. However there may be a reason why – Klinefelter’s syndrome (KS). Klinefelter’s Syndrome (also known as… Continue reading »

AndroForte vs AndroGel Comparison

As the manufactures of AndroForte 5 we are often asked why our cream is better than other testosterone products on the market.  This table show why! Not only is AndroForte 5 more economical (prices are shown in $US), scrotal application… Continue reading »

Male Nipple Soreness- Ask The Expert

Male nipple soreness with the use of testosterone replacement therapy Question: Hello, I have symptoms of low testosterone and i have used injectables previously with great success. My doctor put me on Androforte 5% cream as I was tired of… Continue reading »

Scrotal or Other Site Of Application of AndroForte?

We  recently received a question about the optimal area of the body to apply AndroForte 5 ®  testosterone cream for men. Question: Is it possible to apply this to other areas besides the scrotum? I ask because on  AndroForte 5 Continue reading »

Testosterone Cream and Natural Production

We often get concerned patients asking – does using testosterone cream stop my body from producing testosterone naturally? Question: I have been using your AndroForte® 5 for several years and I am pleased with the results. My question is, by… Continue reading »

Foreplay and Testosterone Cream – Should You Be Concerned?

AndroForte®  testosterone cream is recommended to be applied scrotally. As the testes can often be an essential part of foreplay – should your partner be concerned about transferal of the cream onto their skin or mouth?   ——————————– Question:  I… Continue reading »

Ask The Expert: What Does BP in AndroForte mean?

AndroForte®  testosterone BP Question: Hello Michael, What does the BP stand for on the AndroForte 5? Thanks, DM, U.S.A —————————————————————————————– Answer: Hello DM, BP stands for British Pharmacopoeia – it’s the standard used for international quality control of pharmaceuticals… Continue reading »

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