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Quality Menopause Information On YouTube

There is certainly mountains of information on the internet with regards to the signs and symptoms of menopause making it difficult to discern fact from fiction. Whilst each women will experience their own menopause journey it is important they are… Continue reading »

What Is In Your Cream?

Hormone Solutions recently received an email asking about the ingredients we use in ProFeme – our pure progesterone cream. What is in your cream is an important question to ask, this email looks at phenoxyethanol, a preserving agent, see the… Continue reading »

Preventing Endometrial Hyperplasia

History has shown that estrogen replacement given alone to women with an intact uterus has the potential to overstimulate the endometrial lining. This results in a thickening of the uterus lining called endometrial hyperplasia which is a significant risk factor… Continue reading »

Different Progestogens And Their Risks

Pharmacist Dr Alfred Mueck is a leading expert on hormonal contraception and hormone therapy. He recently spoke at the World Menopause Congress on different progestogens (the most important being progesterone) and whether they convey different risks. Here is a summary Continue reading »

Osteoporosis and Progesterone

      A bit of history on the link between osteoporosis and progesterone and current recommendations  Progesterone was all the rage for osteoporosis  a few decades ago,  based upon Dr John Lee’s publications and media attention. At the… Continue reading »

Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex: Ask the Expert

    Question:  My wife and I are interested in beginning natural hormone replacement therapy. I am 58 and she is 56. I’m easy: I have all the symptoms of late onset hypogonadism. However, my wife is in relatively… Continue reading »

Progesterone For Multiple Sclerosis – Ask the Expert

  Progesterone for multiple sclerosis- question received by email: I am writing with questions specific to the use of natural progesterone as a therapy for multiple sclerosis. It seems that there is new research in the US that has… Continue reading »

When Should My Bloods Be Taken?

Bloods – Testing your  hormone levels ——————————- Question: Hello Michael, I use your testosterone and progesterone. In a prior conversation with one of your people long ago, Michael I think, I was told that blood should be drawn about 20… Continue reading »

Progesterone Cream For Men?

A customer of Hormone Solutions recently asked: can men use progesterone cream? —————————————————————– Hello, Do you recommend progesterone cream for men? My PSA has jumped considerably from 1.35 to 2.15 since using AndroForte® 5. I have read when progesterone… Continue reading »

PCOS – Ask The Expert

  Question: Hi there, What is a good way to balance out your hormones? I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)  and am  wanting to start getting regular periods. What can I do? J ——————————- Hello J, In simple terms… Continue reading »

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