We often get concerned patients asking – does using testosterone cream stop my body from producing testosterone naturally?

testosterone cream and natural production


I have been using your AndroForte® 5 for several years and I am pleased with the results.

My question is, by using the cream does it in any way diminish my natural production of testosterone?

I read somewhere that the body stops producing testosterone and relies on the medication.




Hello G.T.,

The short answer is, men who have low testosterone and symptoms are already in a degree of irreversible testicular shutdown. Using the recommended dose of AndroForte®  testosterone cream generally does not result in a total shut down of testicular function .If users cease using the cream,  natural production (at the same low level) will resume. Symptoms will usually return when any testosterone supplement is ceased.

The longer the cream (or any T supplement) is used the less likely the testes are to return to pre-supplementation T production.
It is generally when high dose anabolic products are used or high-dose long-term testosterone implants and injections are used that natural production is completely shut down. It often does not return to previous levels upon stopping treatment .

Please see page 14 of the below downloadable booklet as it answers many related questions.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


For more information on testosterone in men , see: http://www.hormonesolutions.com/male/testosterone/what-is-testosterone.php

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