IMS endorses menopause management “toolkit” which includes testosterone therapy


“A Practitioner’s Toolkit for Managing the Menopause”  was published online two days ago in Climacteric, the journal of the International Menopause Society (IMS) .

The paper is available for free download.

The toolkit was designed to fill a gap in primary care provision of menopause treatment. It contains guidelines, key information, treatment options and symptom management for menopause.  Concise and up to date information on menopause is now easily available to health-care practitioners thanks to the document, which has been endorsed by the IMS. It is an essential resource for all doctors, nurses and pharmacists who are treating women at midlife. In fact, it is a great read for anyone going through menopause!

Of particular interest is the section on androgen therapy.

International Menopause Society Endorses Androfeme

In regards to testosterone, the toolkit says:

“A transdermal testosterone cream (AndroFeme 1%) can be prescribed in Australia, although it has not been approved by the Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration. The recommended starting dose is 0.5 ml/day, applied to the lower torso/upper thigh. It is essential that testosterone levels are monitored shortly after commencement of treatment and regularly during treatment (6-monthly) as absorption is variable. Blood levels of calculated free testosterone should be kept below the upper limit of the range for premenopausal women.

Women should be advised that, when testosterone is administered in a dose that results in levels within the normal female range, the effects of treatment usually do not emerge for 6– 8 weeks. Therefore treatment needs to be continued at least this long as a therapeutic trial. If no benefit is seen by 6 months, treatment should be discontinued.”


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