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Male nipple soreness with the use of testosterone replacement therapy

male nipples soreness



I have symptoms of low testosterone and i have used injectables previously with great success.
My doctor put me on Androforte 5% cream as I was tired of injecting my self every three weeks or so.
However, with the cream, at a dose of 1 ml (and now I’m down to 0.5 ml a day on the testicle), I get very sensitive nipples, especially in one side.
Could this be gynecomastia? Not sure why I never had this problem with the injectable version.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do because apart from this side effect, it works just fine and I have no need for injections anymore.

Please let me know ASAP.

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Hello T.A.,

Nipple soreness is occasionally reported with topical testosterone cream and gel use and generally reduces with time.

Application scrotally can result in a small rise in estrogen levels via conversion of an enzyme present in scrotal skin called aromatase. I wrote a blog addressing the issue of testosterone conversion to estrogen Does Testosterone Convert to Estrogen?

It is estimated that 1 in 250 men will get conversion to moderate levels of estrogen. This can be managed by either a testosterone dose reduction or a once weekly 0.5mg dose (half a tablet) of the aromatase inhibitor anastrazole (tradename Arimidex).  There is absolutely no need to take an aromatase inhibitor when commencing treatment. If concerned about testosterone conversion, I advise to have your estrogen levels (E2) checked, together with hematocrit, PSA and the prostate gland examination by your doctor.

Best wishes,

Michael Buckley

Medical Director


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