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At Hormone Solutions we continue to be involved in clinical trials and studies around the world. The latest study to be undertaken will look at what is the optimum application advice for AndroFeme® (An open-label, phase 2, single centre, randomised, crossover pharmacokinetic study assessing two application areas of 0.5ml (5mg) AndroFeme® cream in healthy postmenopausal women)

As many of our readers will know AndroFeme® is applied to the upper thigh, lower torso or buttock area. Research has indicated the appropriate dose for women is 0.5ml of Androfeme® per day, but absorption can vary according to the site of application. What is not known is whether it is best applied to a small area or rubbed into a larger area of skin. The study will look at post menopausal women in good health and ask them to apply the cream in two different ways,  a small area, and a larger area. Blood test will be taken during the 45 day study to see which application method will give the most reliable results for blood testosterone levels and therapeutic effect.

Lead clinician Professor Susan Davis and her colleagues at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, are at the forefront of research into the use of testosterone for women. Studies have shown that the use of testosterone therapy in women can improve libido and the feeling of wellbeing. Testosterone is in clinical use in Australia and worldwide for low libido in women.

What we learn from the study will help to optimize the use of AndroFeme®. It will form part of a submission to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration which, if successful, will ultimately see AndroFeme® become a registered product in Australia. Currently Lawley Pharmaceuticals is the only company to manufacture a pharmaceutical grade testosterone cream specifically for women in the world. We are continuing to gather data from these studies so that in time to come AndroFeme® can be registered globally for all women to access equally.

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