International Workshop on Klinefelter Syndrome

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Some readers will be familiar with our campaign which aims  to increase the diagnosis rate and awareness of Klinefelter Syndrome.  It is estimated that there are 13,000 men in Australia alone who are undiagnosed, and for some of these men missing out on treatment such as testosterone replacement can certainly impact their quality of life.

This topic will be broached in the upcoming 2nd International Workshop on Klinefelter Syndrome due to be held in Germany this March. It is fantastic to see world experts come together to impart their knowledge and expertise to those attending the conference to take back to their respective countries.  All facets of KS will be touched upon including what is the optimum treatment pathway for identified KS males, fertility preservation, transition care for adolescents and much more. We also hope this conference will discuss how the 50% of KS males who are undiagnosed can be reached.

If you would like to find out more about Klinefelter Syndrome click here

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