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Time to talk about ‘Manopause’

On the front cover of Time magazine in August (August 18, 2014) is the headline Manopause?!  This modern day term is frequently being used to describe the very real time of a mans life where declining testosterone levels are impacting… Continue reading »

Hormone Therapy and Dementia

  The Australasian Menopause Society  has highlighted a study led by Stanford University Medical Center’s  Professor Natalie L. Rasgon which examined the effects of estrogen replacement therapy for post-menopausal women at risk of dementia. Object of study: To discover… Continue reading »

Women and Alzheimer’s Disease

  Are women more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease versus men? The Alzheimer’s Association recently released their 2014 Facts and Figures report.  Among other areas, the report focuses on the differences between women and men in regards to the burden of… Continue reading »

Testosterone improves memory in postmenopausal women – new research

At the 2013 US Endocrine Society scientific meeting Professor Susan Davis from Australia presented research that showed the hormone testosterone improves memory and verbal learning is post menopausal women. The study of  92 postmenopausal women aged between 55-65 years were… Continue reading »

Lawley bio-identical research and clinical trials are happening around the world

Lawley Pharmaceuticals is contributing to pioneering research using the bio-identical  hormones testosterone, progesterone and estradiol. Currently we have clinical trials underway using our bio-identical products in the Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide  and also in the USA… Continue reading »

Alzheimer’s Disease – measure testosterone levels when young and healthy

With our current level of knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease the recommendations for maintaining a healthy life‑style, good dietary intake, low‑fat intake, weight reduction, physical exercise and mentally exercising the brain are all obviously beneficial. If I had my crystal ball,… Continue reading »

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