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Male Nipple Soreness- Ask The Expert

Male nipple soreness with the use of testosterone replacement therapy Question: Hello, I have symptoms of low testosterone and i have used injectables previously with great success. My doctor put me on Androforte 5% cream as I was tired of… Continue reading »

Testosterone Cream and Natural Production

We often get concerned patients asking – does using testosterone cream stop my body from producing testosterone naturally? Question: I have been using your AndroForte® 5 for several years and I am pleased with the results. My question is, by… Continue reading »

Progesterone Cream For Men?

A customer of Hormone Solutions recently asked: can men use progesterone cream? —————————————————————– Hello, Do you recommend progesterone cream for men? My PSA has jumped considerably from 1.35 to 2.15 since using AndroForte® 5. I have read when progesterone… Continue reading »

Foreplay and Testosterone Cream – Should You Be Concerned?

AndroForte®  testosterone cream is recommended to be applied scrotally. As the testes can often be an essential part of foreplay – should your partner be concerned about transferal of the cream onto their skin or mouth?   ——————————– Question:  I… Continue reading »

Transdermal Testosterone Cream In Healthy Postmenopausal Women

The pharmacokinetics of transdermal testosterone cream: The medical journal Menopause late last month published another study outlining the effectiveness AndroFeme® testosterone cream  has on increasing testosterone blood levels in postmenopausal women. Menopause is the prestigious publication of the North American… Continue reading »

Ask The Expert: What Does BP in AndroForte mean?

AndroForte®  testosterone BP Question: Hello Michael, What does the BP stand for on the AndroForte 5? Thanks, DM, U.S.A —————————————————————————————– Answer: Hello DM, BP stands for British Pharmacopoeia – it’s the standard used for international quality control of pharmaceuticals… Continue reading »

Hematocrit and Testosterone – Ask The Expert

Question: It is well-known that the number of red blood cells and the fraction of RBC’s (hematocrit) increase dramatically when testosterone replacement therapy is used. I would think that the blood’s viscosity would increase concurrently, which would place additional stress… Continue reading »

Androgel or AndroForte 5 – upper body or scrotal use?

In short the main difference is Androgel® 1% gel is applied to the body (inner arm and upper body) whereas AndroForte 5% cream is applied to the scrotum. Androgel is the tradename in the USA whereas elsewhere in the world… Continue reading »

What’s the difference between Axiron and AndroForte 5? Ask the Expert

Phone question from David in WA Australia : My doctor has prescribed me Axiron and I’m concerned about transferring testosterone to my wife and kids. I came across your product and want to know what the difference is. We spoke Continue reading »

Testosterone and Sex – Q&A from educational lecture (Part 3 of 3)

In late 2012 I was invited to speak at a medical conference in Malaysia on Testosterone and Sex together with internationally renown doctors Nick Delgado, USA and Malaysian O&G and Qi Gong Master Dr Amir Farid Usahak. There were over… Continue reading »

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