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IMS endorses menopause management “toolkit” which includes testosterone therapy

  “A Practitioner’s Toolkit for Managing the Menopause”  was published online two days ago in Climacteric, the journal of the International Menopause Society (IMS) . The paper is available for free download. The toolkit was designed to fill a… Continue reading »

Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex: Ask the Expert

    Question:  My wife and I are interested in beginning natural hormone replacement therapy. I am 58 and she is 56. I’m easy: I have all the symptoms of late onset hypogonadism. However, my wife is in relatively… Continue reading »

Measuring Testosterone in the Blood of Women

Measuring testosterone in the blood is a subject hotly debated among many in the medical world.   The answer is even more complex for women. Historically, it has been accepted that total testosterone in the blood is the main biochemical… Continue reading »

New Study Tests Testosterone Cream For Menopause

The latest Hormone Solutions study has been featured on the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics website. The study focused on the use of testosterone cream for menopause and post-menopause.   Read the entire article here. For more information… Continue reading »

Menopause in Women with Morbid Obesity

Dr Natalia Artymuk, from Russia presented an interesting study at the recent 14th World Menopause Congress earlier this month in Mexico. Dr Artymuk presented facts on menopause in women with morbid obesity.   Image courtesy of fotolia She said “The… Continue reading »

World Menopause Congress 2014- Cancun

  The 14th World Menopause Congress was held in Cancun Mexico from May 1 – 4, 2014. There were numerous sessions covering female sexual health in  the peri and postmenopausal woman. One symposium dealt exclusively with an Androgen Update.… Continue reading »

Ask The Expert- Am I Using The Correct Dose Of Testosterone Cream For Women?

Question concerning Androfeme testosterone cream for women dosing: Hello, I recently started using the Androfeme 1% testosterone cream for women – 0.5 ml for 2 weeks now. I do not notice any difference in my libido. Should I increase the… Continue reading »

A Basic Guide To Female Testosterone

Female Testosterone   is an important topic to understand. In May, the International Menopause Society is holding their annual World Menopause Congress in Cancun, Mexico. Dr. Karen Miller will be speaking about female testosterone with  the topic ” androgen physiology in… Continue reading »

Testosterone For Women Studies – What Do They Tell Us?

  Excitingly, more and more  testosterone for women studies are being published. This is bringing the hormone further into the conscious of mainstream medicine and getting  it the attention it deserves. Cancun, Mexico will be home to the International Menopause… Continue reading »

Androgen Deficiency in Women- Awareness Grows

Healthed, one of Australia’s leading online resources for health professionals, has published an informative and concise article on androgen deficiency in women. Androgen deficiency is otherwise known as low testosterone. This is an exciting step in raising awareness… Continue reading »

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