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Testosterone Cream for Men – Quick Q&A

AndroForte® Testosterone Cream for Men

What is AndroForte® Testosterone Cream?

AndroForte® is a pharmaceutical grade cream used by men to supplement low levels of naturally produced testosterone.

How do I know if I need AndroForte® Testosterone Cream?

You may have noticed changes in your mood, your thoughts, your muscle strength, your body shape, your sexual arousal and/or sexual function and your energy levels. Changes in these areas are indicators of low testosterone. Your doctor can do a blood test to confirm your testosterone levels. Take our confidential self-assessment questionnaire to find out more about your symptoms and possible treatments.

How long does it take for AndroForte® Testosterone Cream to start working – when will I see results?

Testosterone levels rise within an hour of starting this treatment. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to see the full benefits of treatment.

Do I need a doctor's prescription to get AndroForte® Testosterone Cream?

Yes. It is essential that a medical practitioner supervises your use of testosterone by monitoring blood levels and general health throughout treatment. We therefore require evidence of prior supervised testosterone use or a prescription for testosterone before we will supply product.

Do I have to use AndroForte® Testosterone Cream under medical supervision?

Testosterone levels must be monitored carefully throughout treatment. Contact your doctor before you begin treatment and make sure that you have regular checks on your testosterone levels throughout.

Do I have to have any medical checks before I use AndroForte® Testosterone Cream?

Yes. It is essential that your doctor conduct a physical examination of your prostate gland as well as a blood test to measure the PSA (prostate specific antigen). This is to ensure that you do not have prostate cancer. Testosterone should not be used if there is prostate cancer or irregularities. If you have chronic liver or kidney disease testosterone should only be used with strict medical supervision.

How and where do I apply AndroForte® Testosterone Cream?

AndroForte® 2%, AndroForte® 5% Testosterone Cream for men is applied to the scrotum. The cream is massaged into the scrotal skin and usually is fully absorbed within 30 seconds of application. There are no benefits of applying AndroForte® 5% and AndroForte® 2% to the penis. Often there is a 'warm' feeling of the scrotum after applying AndroForte® 5% and AndroForte® 2% - this is due to a dilation of the blood vessels in the scrotal skin. This effect is not unpleasant and usually lasts for only a few minutes.

How often do I use AndroForte® Testosterone Cream?

AndroForte® Testosterone Cream is applied daily, usually in the morning.

Do I need AndroForte® 2% or AndroForte® 5% Testosterone Cream for men?

The only difference between the creams is the concentration of the testosterone. Both products will achieve significant rises in blood testosterone levels. The main difference is in the cost of the product. For men the more cost effective purchase is AndroForte® 5% Testosterone Cream as less cream is needed for the same result.

Will AndroForte® Testosterone Cream stain my clothes?

No. Rub the cream into your skin like you would with a moisturizer. It will be absorbed into the skin after about a minute. AndroForte® is odorless, white and will not stain clothes.

How long can I use AndroForte® Testosterone Cream for?

AndroForte® 2% and 5% Testosterone Creams can be used safely in the long term. However, it is essential that your doctor conduct regular 6-monthly medical checks to monitor your prostate gland and testosterone levels within the blood. Also an annual hematocrit and liver function test should be undertaken.

How long will one tube of AndroForte® Testosterone Cream last me?

One 50 mL tube of AndroForte® Testosterone Cream for men will provide between 50 -100 days treatment depending upon the dose used.

What are the possible side effects of AndroForte® Testosterone Cream?

Side effects are usually the result of too much testosterone. They include nausea and vomiting, acne, headaches, increased appetite, swelling of the ankles, to frequent or persistent erections and breast development. None of these side effects are likely to occur the dose is kept to the recommended level.

If I stop using AndroForte® Testosterone Cream how soon will the effects wear off?

Blood testosterone levels will fall to baseline levels within 72 hours of stopping treatment. Pretreatment symptoms will usually return within 3 weeks.

What makes AndroForte® Testosterone Cream better than other hormone treatments?

Creams are easy to apply, painless and very easy to manage. Many other testosterone treatments require painful injection, surgery or application to large areas of skin. AndroForte® Testosterone Cream is quickly absorbed by the body painlessly and discreetly.

Why is AndroForte® Testosterone Cream less expensive than other forms of testosterone treatment?

Because AndroForte® Testosterone Cream, unlike other gels and creams, can be applied to the scrotum (an area of skin five times more receptive to absorbing testosterone) it can provide a more concentrated dose. This makes the cost per day substantially lower the other testosterone treatments. (Cost per day for AndroForte® Testosterone Cream is US$1 – 2 compared to an approximate cost of US$7 – 8 for competitor products.)

When is it not safe to use AndroForte® Testosterone Cream?

You should not use any testosterone replacement therapy (including AndroForte® Testosterone Cream) if you have known or suspected prostate cancer, severe liver disease, severe kidney disease or breast cancer.

Is AndroForte® Testosterone Cream a pharmaceutical grade product?

Yes. AndroForte® is manufactured to pharmaceutical grade by Lawley Pharmaceuticals in Perth, Western Australia. The company specialises in the commercial production of bio identical pharmaceutical grade hormone creams. Lawley Pharmaceuticals meets all the international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and all production is conducted in an Australian government approved pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

We are not a compounding pharmacy.

Is AndroForte® Testosterone Cream FDA approved?

Our products are manufactured in Australia. The Australian equivalent to the US FDA is the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). AndroForte® Testosterone Cream is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTC) which can be accessed from the TGA website at www.ebs.tga.gov.au. This cream is not currently FDA approved.

What are natural, or bio identical, hormones?

Natural, or bio identical, hormones have the same chemical fingerprint as the hormones produced by your own body. This means that your body is able to accept the treatment without the unwanted side effects of synthetic hormone replacement. AndroForte® Testosterone Cream uses only natural, bio identical testosterone.

Does AndroForte® Testosterone Cream use natural, bio identical hormones?

Yes. Natural, bio identical testosterone is identical in every way to the testosterone produced by your own body. These are what we use in AndroForte® Testosterone Cream.

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