Progesterone for Women Booklet

Progesterone for women booklet

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Female Progesterone Deficiency Self Assessment

This test will help with the diagnosis and management of progesterone deficiency in women. It will assess your symptoms and provide you with a series of action steps to assist you in managing these.

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Treating Progesterone Deficiency and Estrogen Dominance

Correct balance between natural progesterone, estrogen and testosterone is the only way to address the symptoms effectively.

Many doctors strive to treat individual symptoms in isolation. But unless doctors are addressing the hormonal imbalance of all three hormones, it is not likely to be totally effective.

Natural progesterone cream is a safe and effective way of treating many of the underlying problems associated with progesterone deficiency.

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It is our belief that a better understanding will lead to better and more effective treatment.

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ProFeme® 10

ProFeme 10 progesterone cream packaging

For women

ProFeme® 10% Progesterone Cream is specifically designed for use in women with declined or lowered progesterone levels.

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