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Treatment for Testosterone deficiency in men

Essential Tests Before Treatment Can Begin

Doctors must first assess levels of testosterone within the blood.

Because hormone levels fluctuate throughout the day, this should then followed by clinical assessments (using tools such as the Aging Males Symptoms questionnaire here.

Once these steps have been taken your doctor will check you for any signs of prostate cancer.

Many things can cause hormone changes. Therefore, it is essential to go undergo these tests and examinations before treatment can begin.

What Testosterone Treatment is Available?

Treatment for testosterone deficiency can come in many forms:

  • Short Acting Injections

    Mixed testosterone esters (Sustanon®), Testosterone cyprionate, Testosterone enanthate.
    • Frequency: injected every 2-4 weeks in doses of 100-300 mg
    • Location: deep intramuscular injections
    • Effect: high level of testosterone for the first few days, falling to normal or sub-normal over the following 2-3 weeks
    • Problems: often very painful due to need for deep intramuscular injection site
  • Long acting injections

    Testosterone undeconate (Nebido® or Reandron®)
    • Frequency: approximately every 3 months
    • Location: deep intramuscular injections
    • Effect: less control over unwanted side effects due to the long acting nature of these injections
    • Problems: often very painful, little control over unwanted side effects during the 3-month period
  • Skin patches:

    Testosterone (Androderm®, Testoderm®)
    • Frequency: daily application
    • Location: on the skin
    • Effect: leads to testosterone pattern similar to that of healthy males
    • Problems: patches are readily visible discouraging some users from participating in activities such as swimming or sports where the patch will be seen, relatively high incidence of unwanted skin reactions
  • Pellets (implants)

    Testopel® (USA only)
    • Location: inserted under the skin under local anaesthetic
    • Effect: testosterone levels can be maintained for 4-6 months
    • Problems: need for repeated surgical procedures, in 5-10% of cases the body will reject the implant (sometimes several weeks later), implant sites can become infected
  • Oral testosterone capsules

    Tesosteron undeconae (Andriol®)
    • Frequency: take up to eight 40mg oily capsules daily
    • Location: swallowed
    • Effect: moderately effective, wide fluctuations and highly erratic absorption
    • Problems: wide fluctuations in absorption, some patients experience gastro-intestinal intolerance
  • Topical transdermal gels

    Testosterone (AndroGel®, Testogel®, Testim® 1%)
    • Frequency: daily application
    • Location: large skin surface area (such as back, chest, shoulders and arms)
    • Effect: provide physiological replacement with few problems and satisfactory effects
    • Problems: gels require application over a large surface of skin
  • Topical transdermal Testosterone cream

    (AndroForte® 5%, AndroForte® 2%)
    • Frequency: daily
    • Location: small surface areas (such as fore or upper arms, scrotum, torso or thigh)
    • Effects: studies have shown that the effectiveness and safety of creams is high
    • Problems: some patients have shown concern that scrotal application would be uncomfortable. This is not the case. Gels, which are alcohol based, do produce a burning sensation when applied to the scrotum, but creams have no negative effects of this nature.
  • Which Testosterone Treatment is the Most Affordable and Effective?

    A recent medical paper (Journal of the Aging Male) listed AndroForte® Testosterone Cream (from Lawley Pharmaceuticals, Australia) as the most affordable and effective testosterone therapy currently available.

    Bio-Identical and Natural Hormones

    The term “natural testosterone” is used to describe the hormone produced naturally within the body.

    This hormone is not produced anywhere in the plant kingdom in this natural, pure form.

    Many pharmaceutical companies use synthetic analogues with testosterone-like actions. These are often manufactured from soya and wild yam.

    At Lawley Pharmaceuticals we do not use synthetic analogues, but instead use bio-identical testosterone in all of our testosterone creams. Bio-identical hormones have the exact same chemical fingerprint as your naturally produced hormones. As such, they are easily absorbed into the body and are capable of fulfilling the wide spectrum of demands that the body naturally makes of testosterone.

    Find out about long-term and short-term side effects and risks of testosterone replacement therapy on the next page.

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    AndroForte® 5

    AndroForte 5 testosterone cream packaging

    For men

    AndroForte® 5% Testosterone Cream is specially formulated for men with low blood testosterone levels.

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    AndroForte® 2

    AndroForte 2 testosterone cream packaging

    For men

    AndroForte® 2% Testosterone Cream is specially formulated for men with low blood testosterone levels.

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