“You have a life-long customer in me”

“I have used three tubes of your product (Andromen Forte 5%) I am extremely satisfied with the results. I have not only lost weight, but I have also actually gained muscle firmness and defenition which I only remember having when I was much younger. Not to mention a stronger libido and a way to back it up. Again, you have a life-long customer in me.”

John L. L., United Kingdom

“I'm feeling better. Thanks for your help.”

“Felt better after 2 weeks on the second tube (AndroForte®5). Now after 4 weeks I feel much better. Sleeping better. No more desire to sleep during the day and performing much better again if you get my meaning!

“I'm feeling better. Thanks for your help.”

Thomas, USA

“Now I feel 15yrs younger with absolutely NO side effects!”

“God bless you guys! You gave me my life and my mojo back. I was lethargic, no sex drive, achy, depressed. Now that's all turned around. I'm being monitored by my physician and he's on board now.”

“I think I know more then him on this subject (lol) even though I was at the low end of my acceptable or normal range blood serum testosterone count, I was a classic sufferer of hypogonadism and it was devastating! Now I feel 15yrs younger with absolutely NO side effects! Thank you.”


“AndroFeme® has given me back my sexual feelings”

AndroFeme® has given me back my sexual feelings and the joy of being intimate with my husband. I used to be turned off the very thought of sex and felt extremely guilty – our marriage was under a great strain…”

Andrea D, USA

“The difference to my life is phenomenal”

“I have been using your excellent product (AndroFeme®) for many years now!! The difference it has made to my life is phenomenal. My energy and enthusiasm for living and active life has returned. I thank you sincerely for your unique product!”

Jan J, United Kingdom

“I totally trust Lawley Pharmaceuticals and feel safe knowing if I have a question, it will be answered”

“Early in my using AndroFeme®, I had a question which I emailed to Michael Buckley and was delighted to have reassuring, supportive advice within hours. Now I felt even more secure, despite 10,000 miles between us! ... I totally trust Lawley Pharmaceuticals and feel safe knowing if I have a question, it will be answered.”

“I think the intimate side of marriage sometimes gets neglected with advancing years, adding to the natural depletion of hormones during and after the menopause. It's often an ignored side of medical interest and yet, for couples where it matters, it can make such a difference within a relationship to keep libido healthy and active. It enhances companionship, injects fun, warmth, love and togetherness that can carry two people through advancing years with much joy. For myself and my husband, my taking some responsibility for the physical side of our marriage has brought us both a deeper affection than perhaps we have ever known. What a lovely time, when the children have long since grown up and left home, to welcome these autumnal years with the same spark and twinkle we had forty years ago!”

Thanks AndroFeme®, Lawley Pharmaceuticals and Michael Buckley for helping me make the most important part of life, love and marriage, the best it can be.”

Marianne H, USA

“I would be happy to recommend ProFeme to anyone”

“Physically, I am feeling much better, less tired drained esp around week 3 & 4 of cycle. My mind seems more focused.”

“I have also suffered systemic digestive problems (dysbiosis/systemic candida) for the last 10 yrs which progesterone seems to prevent. When taking the right amount of progesterone it just "magically" goes away. Internet research has validated this for me.”

It is wonderful to find the right product that helps & solves many (minor but debilitating) health problems in one go, so I would like to thank you very much for your creme and the help you gave last yr in answering my email questions. I would be happy to recommend ProFeme to anyone in a similar situation to myself.”

Carol N, USA

“The Pro-Feme is definitely working”

“I can tell already, because if it wasn't working I would get the soaking wet night sweats and other symptoms back within 2-3 days and I have been using it for about 2 weeks now. I am being treated for estrogen dominance/perimenopause.”

“I am so glad you are developing these products. It's very hard here in the US to find doctors that recognize the importance of hormone replacement. All they say is that it causes cancer; they obviously don't stay on top of current research and studies - and impose their own "personal opinion" on you as a patient. I had to go through about 5 different doctors (and suffered for over 2 years) before I finally found a doctor that agreed and treated via HRT - and that was WITH supporting blood tests. Meanwhile many women, like myself, are suffering for long periods of time, for no reason at all.”

Charlene, USA

“There is little doubt that without doing this I wouldn't have my precious girl today”

“There are no words to express our gratitude to you and the wonderful Pro-Feme®. After two heartbreaking miscarriages the divine Miss Lola is a true gift to us. After 2 years of specialist appointments, blood tests and ultrasounds conventional medicine could not detect the cause of my problem. Within months my menstrual problems virtually disappeared and I no longer dreaded, with fear, my vile PMT and heavy bleeding. After a couple of months I fell pregnant and although I was confident the same pattern developed: spotting at 5 weeks. It was at this point that you advised to increase the dose. THANKYOU!”

There is little doubt that without doing this I wouldn't have my precious girl today... if I said thank you, thank you, till infinity it wouldn't be enough.”

Leigh H, Australia

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